After “The Squad” Pushes Defund the Police Report Shows They Spent $325K On Private Security in 2021

It has been one of the most controversial topics in the political and social sphere for years: “Defund the Police.”

A common talking point among left-wing candidates, Republicans were quick to push back with overwhelming support for police and the military.

They also pointed out the obvious necessity for law and order, and what they view as major hypocrisy.

For example, while many of the far-left politicians supported funneling money away from law enforcement, they typically use private security.

Now, a recent report shows just how much money “The Squad” members spent on protecting themselves in 2021.

This includes Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), who spent $65,000 on private security during the fourth quarter and about $200,000 overall.

That brings the total number to an impressive $325K. From Fox News, citing Federal Election (FEC) records:

Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., and other members of the far-left ‘Squad’ collectively spent over $325,000 on private security in 2021 despite promoting the “defund the police” movement during the George Floyd unrest of 2020.

Rep. Bush has been a big supporter of the controversial maxim, telling CBS News last summer that “defunding the police has to happen.”

And when asked why she spends so much money on her own security, she asked, “You would rather me die?”

However, it certainly doesn’t end with Bush.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spent $9,800 during the fourth quarter and nearly $75,000 in 2021, all for her own private security.

She also has called to defund the police, and she made it plain that she wasn’t talking about “budget tricks or funny math.”

Then there’s Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who dropped $30,000 on private security last year, and she defended “defund the police” by saying we have to “re-imagine the current police system.”

Other “Squad” members like Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman, and Rashida Tlaib, all spent money on their own security in 2021.

And though she isn’t a verified member of “The Squad,” Democrat Stacey Abrams spent a whopping $550,000 between July 2021 and November 2021, and $1.2 million in 2021 alone.

Critics will wonder why these representatives feel the need for security and protection, but want to steer money away from police for public protection.

Either way, this is the sort of report that could haunt all these Democrat candidates in the future.

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