After Top House Democrat Tries To Cancel Rent Bills – Maloney’s Boatload Of Rental Cash Falls Out Of Her Closet

You probably heard about the left’s attempt to prevent evictions.

During the 2020 crisis, the government put a halt on evictions. This was because millions of Americans were out of work, thanks to state-mandated lockdowns.

Today, states are reopened and people are able to go back to work. Despite this, many left-wing Democrats want to continue suspending evictions and even ending rent, claiming people can’t afford it.

But one Democrat is in hot water. Because while she was trying to “cancel rent,” she was getting rich off of her own tenants.

From Daily Caller:

New York Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney staunchly advocated for a rent cancelation bill throughout 2020, but fell silent a year later when the bill came back up after her recent financial disclosure showed her potentially earning over $1.1 million in rent income.

Wow. Back in 2020, Democrat Carolyn Maloney pushed for a rental cancelation bill, claiming the situation demanded it.

But earlier in this year, when the bill was reintroduced, she didn’t endorse it.

Why? Maybe because it came out that she had earned $1,167,500 from six rental properties over the last year.

The value of all her houses is between $3,065,006 and $12,150,000.

Those are some upscale properties if you’re at all curious. And how did she bring in that much cash? Because she wasn’t “cancelling” the rent of the people using her properties.

This was cash brought in during the crisis , mind you. I guess she didn’t mind threatening her tenants with evictions, huh?

Or at least they weren’t hurt at all from the crisis if they were able to provide Maloney with such a windfall.

Seems odd that a Democrat who wanted to suspend rent—putting thousands of landlords in jeopardy—had no problem getting rent from others.

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The eviction ban and a bill canceling rent would have doomed many homeowners. Liberals might think landlords are independently rich.

But many who rent out their homes live off that income, including retired Americans.

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