After Trucker Convoy Standoff Goes From Bad To Worse – Ted Cruz Swoops In Demands Investigation By The FTC

Last week we learned about a group of Canadian truckers who were protesting their prime minister’s abusive mandates. The group known as Freedom Convoy raised over $10 million on GoFundMe to support their effort. We weren’t surprised to learn that the apparently establish-supporting website shut down the fundraiser.

They claimed it was just to ensure the project was legitimate. But we knew better. Quickly they made up some trumped-up accusations and refunded supporters’ money. Talk about tyranny. People freely gave their money to support this group of protestors. But this middleman refused. So, Sen. Ted Cruz is demanding answers.

From Fox News:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking for an investigation into GoFundMe after the for-profit crowdfunding platform ended the fundraiser for Canadian truckers…

“Because when people gave money, they gave money under the promise it would go to the Freedom Convoy, not to whatever left-wing political ideology GoFundMe and other Silicon Valley companies support. They are deceiving consumers and it is wrong,”

Sen. Ted Cruz is calling on the FTC to investigate GoFundMe after the site shut down a fundraiser for the Canadian truckers. That money was freely given by people who wanted to support this group, with funds for housing and food. Yet GoFundMe took it upon themselves to pass judgment on this movement, revoking the fundraiser.

I wonder if they ever shut down fundraisers for Black Lives Matter protestors? We know they didn’t, since the platform allowed fundraisers for bail money for BLM rioters who were arrested in 2020. Yet they refused to allow this fundraiser to go through, seemingly because they are protesting a leftist regime?

Those eager to support the movement have not been daunted, though. They set up another fundraiser on another website and have already racked up millions.

From The Epoch Times:

The Canadian “Freedom Convoy” raised more than $3 million on GiveSendGo after GoFundMe removed its campaign amid controversy over how the nearly $10 million would be handled.

That number has risen to over $4 million since publication. It looks like leftists who are trying to shut down this movement are failing. In fact, it seems to be growing, as groups around the world are following in Freedom Convoy’s footsteps.

From Fox News:

From Leeuwarden in the Netherlands to Wellington, New Zealand, to London to Canberra, Australia, truckers are hitting the road to send a clear message: stop the mandates.

Another group of truckers is planning a protest in the United States, driving to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Well, look at that. The liberal establishment tried to shut down dissent and freedom. Instead, they sparked an even greater movement across the world. Modern civilization cannot survive without truckers. Governments better listen to these people, if they want food and goods to reach store shelves.

If not, well Trudeau, Biden, and all the others only have themselves to blame.

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