After U.S. Drone Mistakenly Strikes Civilians – Biden’s Pentagon Just Handed Out Zero Punishment

Soon after the terrible events at the Kabul airport, Biden vowed to punish those responsible. Most people expected some kind of investigation and action on the part of our military.

The only thing that happened, from what we’ve seen, was a drone strike against a car. Tragically, it turned out the car wasn’t being driven by our enemies. And Biden’s military killed many innocent bystanders.

The Pentagon was forced to admit its grievous mistake. And, from what we were told, an investigation was conducted. As the details emerged, Americans would have rightfully expected someone to be held accountable. But, big surprise, Biden’s Pentagon will do nothing.

From the New York Times:

None of the military personnel involved in a botched drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan, which killed 10 civilians will face any kind of punishment after Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III approved recommendations from two top commanders, a senior Pentagon official said…

A subsequent high-level investigation into the episode found no violations of law but stopped short of fully exonerating those involved, saying that was “commander business.”

Of course, Biden’s incompetent and useless leaders at the Pentagon refused to punish anyone involved in the botched drone strike. This sloppy, poorly-executed move resulted in the death of ten people, including seven children.

If this had happened in the United States, heads would be rolling. If seven children had died as a result of poor police action—there would be riots in the streets. But because this happened far away, by Biden’s military, nobody is to blame.

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I guess the computers just did it themselves? There was nobody vetting the intel they received about that car and location? Is Biden’s Pentagon as poorly run as his White House? I guess so. And because the same people who failed are deciding what to do, they are not going to punish anyone.

After all, they’d have to punish themselves, since they are the ones to blame.

What really should happen is some kind of congressional investigation. Get the DOJ to do something, if necessary. What is the United States going to say to the families involved? Are we just going to pretend like they are not mourning the loss of so many lives?

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