Alan Dershowitz Drops Trump Anvil On Congress – Pelosi Panel Could Call Donald But He Says It Will Fail

For years, Alan Dershowitz has defied his liberal rivals to uphold the law and truth.

And in this instance, he’s doing it again.

Nancy Pelosi has put together a questionable group of lawmakers for her commission.

The goal of this body claims to be to get to the truth of the January Capitol event. Some have suggested they will even call on Donald Trump for questioning.

But Dershowitz is hammering this committee, saying Pelosi and her cronies will fail.

From Newsmax:

“He will be called to testify; he’ll invoke executive privilege, perhaps,” Dershowitz told Tuesday’s “Spicer & Co.,”…

“Perhaps he’ll want to testify. The American public does have a right to know what happened…”

“In Washington today, it’s impossible to do anything without trying to get some partisan advantage, and that’s why I think this hearing will fail,” Dershowitz said. “I think in the end we won’t learn the truth. We will learn Democratic truths and we will learn Republican truths, but we won’t learn the actual truth because no one is interested in the truth.

Dershowitz blasted Pelosi’s committee, saying they will fail to accomplish anything with this charade.

He said the American people deserve to know what really happened that fateful day. But that this commission will only pursue a road that gives them a “partisan advantage.”

Instead of seeking the truth, Pelosi, her Democrats, and anti-Trump Republicans will only try to put forward leftist propaganda.

Whatever comes out of these hearings will be spun to make Trump and the GOP look bad, while trying to give Democrats an advantage.

Dershowitz called the commission a “partisan” investigation. There was a chance it could have been balanced a meaningful.

But Pelosi rejected the GOP’s recommended committee members, including Rep. Jim Jordan—a noted truth-seeker.

Instead, we will only see establishment swamp dwellers, working to protect their power and privilege.

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Dershowitz explained that under the Constitution, Americans’ rights must be protected. This issue cannot be investigated as a group event, but each person’s actions must be evaluated on their own.

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