Alan Dershowitz Weighs In On Rittenhouse Case – He Says Kyle Should Be Cleared And Should Sue The Media

The country is watching the ongoing Rittenhouse case very closely. The events surrounding the case occurred during the riots of 2020. And many believe how this case is decided could impact the future of our country. Plenty of experts have weighed in on the case and there have been many ups and downs.

Many Americans seem to have already formed an opinion about the defendant. Some think he is guilty and should face hard time. Others are not so sure. But one Constitutional heavyweight in giving his opinion. And it’s going to outrage the left.

From The Epoch Times:

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz says Kyle Rittenhouse “should be acquitted” of killing two men and wounding a third during riots and protests last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and he should file defamation lawsuits against media outlets for claiming that he’s guilty of murder…

Rittenhouse, if acquitted, should then “bring lawsuits” against corporate news outlets for articles claiming the teen engaged in “vigilante justice,” Dershowitz said.

Why It’s Important:

Dershowitz, Harvard law professor and Constitutional expert, has declared that Rittenhouse should be acquitted on grounds of self-defense. He also believes that the young man should go after the MSM after they brandished him a criminal before the case was even decided.

Even as the trial was underway, CNN, CBS, The New Yorker, and other outlets seem to have already made their verdicts. Despite the fact Americans are innocent until proven guilty in our system, these liberal outlets decided Rittenhouse was a “vigilante.” They seemed determined to slander this young man in the minds of millions of Americans.

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But as the trial has unfolded, many have changed their minds. And it seems like the defense has done an effective job at clarifying details that were lost in the media narrative. At one point, they called for the trial to be dismissed, but it looks as if the jurors will decide Rittenhouse’s fate.

If he is acquitted, should he sue the media? We remember another time a young man was slandered by the media unfairly. He was able to hold the media accountable after their endless portrayals of him prevented him from going to college. It is possible Rittenhouse, who is being called a murderer by some outlets, has even greater reason to sue.

Dershowitz has been very vocal about major issues facing the country in recent years. And, despite being a liberal himself, has defied the liberal establishment on many occasions. But he is rarely wrong. His knowledge of the law and high standards for truth and justice just might hit the mark this time, despite what the media is saying.

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