AMAZING: Matt Walsh is willing to do what AOC isn’t. HELP her own GRANDMOTHER.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a big backfire recently when she tried to shame everyone else for the fact that her abuela is living in squalor. Well The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh had a few thoughts on that, and a fundraiser, too. It’s kind of amazing.

Like a typical left wing blowhard, AOC is all about making regular folks pay through the nose to the government, while absolving herself of her own guilty wealth and refusing to share. Even with her own grandma!

But Matt Walsh isn’t so selfish.

In fact it turns out a lot of conservatives aren’t as selfish as Alexandria.

You can chip in, too. You can help save AOC’s abuela from … well from her granddaughter’s miserly ways.

Ben Shapiro stepped up!

Ted Cruz appears to be thinking about the whole thing!

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This is genius stuff y’all. I’m sorry. It’s kind of the best thing I’ve seen a conservative do as a public stunt since Andrew Breitbart.