America Just Flunked Biden’s Entire Team – President Biden Harris And Pelosi Earn The Lowest Marks In Latest Poll

As we end 2021, America continues to make itself heard: they’re not happy with the Joe Biden administration, almost from top to bottom.

The polling is lower than ever and for some high-ranking politicos on Capitol Hill, and the numbers just keep plummeting.

A few of the lowest-rated are key members of Biden’s team, too.

According to various polls, the President’s approval rating has plunged into the low 40s, and some show Biden dipping into the 30s.

In recent weeks, we’ve also seen surveys that place Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating below 30 percent.

And in a new Gallup poll, it turns out that many of the most visible leaders in Washington haven’t fared well at all. America in general is largely dissatisfied.

The results are definite cause for concern among the Democrat Party for 2022.

From Breitbart:

With a dismal 43 percent approval rating, Biden is the ninth-highest ranked out of 11 federal leaders, respondents to a Gallup poll assessing national leadership for 2021 decided.

He’s bringing up the rear of a list of federal officials that also includes GOP Congressional leaders like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Biden’s disapproval rating is now at 51 percent, and VP Harris’ rating is even higher at 54 percent.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is right behind at 53% disapproval, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a whopping 58% disapproval score.

However, it wasn’t only Democrats that ranked low in the eyes of citizens.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was at the bottom of the heap of the 11 politicians measured, with a 63 percent disapproval rating.

Many GOP members and right-wing voters have clearly been disappointed with McConnell’s leadership in 2021.

But the ratings decline among Democrats in Washington is most jarring, especially when compared to the start of Biden’s administration. That’s the major issue going into the New Year.

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On the flip side, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ranked highest: 60 percent of Americans approve of his performance.

In the end, more voters disapprove of Schumer, Harris, McConnell, and Pelosi when compared to President Joe Biden.

But Biden’s disapproval rating is still far too high for comfort, and he might even go below 40% in many of the larger polls if the country maintains its negative viewpoint.

All this could have a profound impact on the midterm elections in 2022 — which is why the GOP is predicting a huge red wave.

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