American Parents Land Major Victory – FBI Director Wray Folds Gives His Agents A Direct Order

One of the biggest hot-button topics of 2021 has been the question of education. Many parents have become increasingly concerned that they have no say in what their children see and hear at school.

Many are even more concerned when highly questionable “social engineering” programs like CRT take hold. This has led to some serious pushback from parents who feel silenced.

But now they’ve got some good news — it appears their protests have been heard.

The education issue came to a head when an internal FBI memo showed a concerning request: they were tasked with possibly investigating parents who got too rowdy at school meetings.

It prompted even more fiery backlash when the term “domestic terrorism” started floating around in relation to these parents.

American parents around the country quickly reacted, reminding the federal government that they won’t be silenced or bullied. And they certainly didn’t qualify as “terrorists.”

The idea that the FBI might actually monitor school board meetings was a vast overreach, as far as many were concerned.

However, while the agency hasn’t made an official announcement to the press, it seems clear from internal sources that these parents have been heard. And possibly as a result, the FBI is stepping down.

Via The Daily Caller:

FBI Director Christopher Wray ‘made it clear’ during an October speech that FBI agents ‘would not be attending school board meetings’ and the Bureau ‘would stay in its own lane,’ a former agent who saw the speech told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Retired special agent and former police chief in Alabama, Cecil Moses, said Wray reportedly met with agents on October 22 and delivered this message.

Moses told the DCNF that he didn’t want “FBI agents looking over the shoulder of parents or monitoring school board meetings.” And Moses believed this to be a “very, very cogent comment.”

It was yet another win for the concerned parents.

After a memorandum issued by the DOJ to “work with local law enforcement to investigate parents,” the protesting began. And the NSBA’s letter using the term “domestic terrorism” also caught fire.

Since then, however, the NSBA has retracted and recanted, and apologized for using that term.

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Other leaders in Washington have called AG Merrick Garland’s memo “ill-advised,” and it’s likely that many parents around the nation would agree.

At the same time, some FBI agents didn’t view the memo as a call to action. They simply saw it as an attempt to calm parents at school meetings that involve controversial topics like gender ideology and mask requirements.

But no matter what, the FBI will at least “stay in their lane.”

That’s a big relief to parents who continue to believe that federal and state governments have assumed far too much power over their children’s education.

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