Another House Democrat Bites The Dust For 2022 – Democrats Are Concerned After California Liberal Jackie Speier Bails On Reelection

Democrats have a big problem looming. This year’s election showed that liberals aren’t as safe as they assume. Polls reveal Biden is falling fast.

Generic election polls reveal Republicans are winning 51%-41%. And it will only take five new seats to flip the House to Republican control.

And things are getting even worse for Pelosi and her cohorts. Several top, long-running Democrats have announced their retirements. That opens up their seats, making them free for the taking. Now, add another Democrat to this growing list of retirees.

From The Hill:

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) announced on Tuesday that she will not run for reelection in 2022, becoming the latest House Democrat to bow out of Congress ahead of what is expected to be a difficult election year for the party…

Speier is the ninth House Democrat to announce retirement plans ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, when the party will have to defend its razor-thin majority in the lower chamber.

Ouch. This brings the number of retiring Democrats from the House to nine. And that doesn’t include six other Democrats leaving the House so they can run for other offices.

This is a huge blow to the Democrats’ plans. They need to control both the House and the Senate if they want to support Biden’s agenda. If Republicans regain Congress, Biden becomes a lame duck, unable to get anything done. Worse yet, Republicans will be eager to hold Biden accountable for the many crises he’s created this year.

Democrats only have a 5-seat majority in the House. They will be losing at least 15 incumbents due to retirements and other plans. Do they have strong candidates to take their places? Can they find people in time to win these elections—or will Republicans be able to snag these, and more, seats?

We know how the polls are against the left. Americans are eager to get rid of the people who got us into the mess that has been 2021. That might be why so many Democrats are retiring in the first place.

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