Another West Coast Governor Gets Recalled – Supreme Court Approves Dunleavy Recall Process In Alaska

Although it’s rare, we are seeing West Coast voters fight back against bad leadership.

Over the last few months, we learned about how Californians successfully launched a recall election against their corrupt governor.

It seems that voters do have the power to hold their leaders accountable. And that corruption and failure can, once and a while, be confronted.

Now, it seems like another governor could be facing the chopping block. As the court approved yet another West Coast recall.

From The Epoch Times:

The Alaska Supreme Court ruled on July 16 that the recall campaign against Gov. Mike Dunleavy can go forward…

Whether Dunleavy’s detractors have made their case that his alleged shortcomings—that he is incompetent and corrupt—justify his removal from office is up to the voters, the court said.

A movement to remove the Republican governor of Alaska, alleging corruption, has been green-lit by the state’s Supreme Court.

The Alaska Division of Elections denied the application previously, stating it was legally sufficient. But the court flipped this decision, stating that it’s up to the voters to decide if they want their governor to stay.

It’s unclear whether the charges made against Gov. Dunleavy are valid. His office remains defiant that the recall effort is unwarranted.

But at a time when many leaders in the country think they can rule like dictators, recalls can play an important role in securing our democracy.

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All last year we watched as many governors robbed Americans of their rights. People were forced into their homes, denied the ability to work, and even barred from school and church.

How can we allow this kind of thing to continue, if we don’t have a way of holding our leaders in check?

Should Gov. Dunleavy be recalled? That’s up to the voters to decide. If enough of them believe this movement is wrong, they can make their voices heard at the polling booth.

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