Arizona AG Releases Letter Fiercely Defends Maricopa Vote Audit Against Biden DOJ Criticism

New letter to AG Merrick Garland, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich defended his state’s vote audit against Biden DOJ criticism.

Brnovich writes “My office is not amused by the DOJ’s posturing and will not tolerate any effort to undermine or interfere with our State Senate’s audit to reassure Arizonans of the accuracy of our elections.”

“We stand ready to defend federalism and state sovereignty against any partisan attacks or federal overreach,” he continues

“Your comments followed a May 5 letter from Pamela Karlan of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, on the subject of the Arizona Senate’s oversight of the Maricopa County audit. This letter appeared more interested in supporting the hysterical outcries of leftist pundits on cable television, rather than the rule of law,” Brnovich later adds.

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Garland mocked election audits like Arizon’s last week, saying  “Many of the justifications proffered in support of these post-election audits and restrictions on voting have relied on assertions of material vote fraud in the 2020 election that have been refuted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies.”

Here is the full letter from Brnovich to Garland.

Arizona AG releases letter fiercely defends Maricopa vote audit against Biden DOJ Criticism


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