Arizona AG Says Biden Admin Attempt To “Micromanage” Elections Will Fail

Appearing on Fox News, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich argued that the Biden administration’s attempt to “micromanage” elections will fail.

“The courts are not in the mood for this nonsense,” Brnovich said. “if you look at the hypocrisy of the left, there are states like New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, the list goes on and on, that have way more restrictions when it comes to voting than Arizona does. We offer a plethora of options. So if indeed the Biden administration wants to take our state to court, I will fight them, and to quote Al Davis, “We will just win, baby.”

Brnvoich later added “I worked at DOJ at one point and the idea that they’re going to kind of selectively go into red states and file lawsuits because they want to micromanage our elections is really not only contrary to the Constitution, but it exposes how political this is because we know that there are a whole host of left-wing states with way more restrictions than a state like Arizona has. So shame on the DOJ, shame on the Bush administration for caving to left-wing activists.”

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