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Liz Cheney Has Reached Her Breaking Point And Marjorie Taylor Greene Advises The Wyoming Representative To Switch Parties Before She Leaves Office

Liz Cheney had reached her breaking point with Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who instructed the soon-to-be-ex-Wyoming representative to formally switch parties. Despite losing badly in the Wyoming GOP primary, Cheney has pledged to carry on with her anti-Trump campaign. Lauren Boebert said: “The House […]

Rashida Tlaib Is Rebuked By Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl, Who Asks: “Is the Congresswoman From Michigan Not At All Concerned With How Much It Will Cost Families To Stay Warm This Winter?”

Auburn coach Bruce Pearl shut down clueless Rashida Tlaib after the Dem Rep pressed Wall Street executives to stop funding oil and gas products. JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon openly mocked the clueless Dem to her face in Congress, which had to be embarrassing. But […]