Bernie Sanders Plan To Take Down Moderates Backfires Immediately – If He Takes Down Sinema And Manchin He Risks GOP Takeover

Democrats came for moderates with knives drawn. Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema sabotaged Biden’s agenda by refusing to support his spending bill and his “voting rights” bills. Some Democrats were quick to attack the white lawmakers, claiming race was a factor in their decisions.

Bernie Sanders, a man whose policies have shaped Biden’s agenda, is going even further.

From Red State:

Our favorite curmudgeon from Vermont is endorsing the idea that two of his colleagues in the Senate should face a primary challenge. Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, both Democrats, have earned the wrath of Sen. Cranky Pants because they are not willing to blow up the filibuster in the Senate.

But if Bernie is willing to challenge two safe seats for the Democrats, he might be jeopardizing their majority.

From The Western Journal:

All of this is very good — except these progressives might as well be voting for a Republican instead.

Let’s recap: When she was elected in 2018, Sinema was the first Democratic senator elected in Arizona since 1988 and only the second since 1962. Mark Kelly, another Democrat, was elected in 2020.

If Democrats really try to unseat Sinema and Manchin with “progressive” candidates could very well blow up in their faces. Both hail from historically conservative states. West Virginia went for Trump in both elections. And in Arizona, they’ve only had a handful of liberal senators in its long history.

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Manchin and Sinema are successful in fairly red states because they are moderates. They tip-toe around the fact that their states are mostly red and want small government and pro-business policies. If they went full progressive, they’d get voted out ASAP.

So, if Democrats somehow manage to get far-left candidates to take the nomination from either candidate, there is a good chance those states will elect a Republican instead. That’s not speculation, that’s history. The House continued to lose moderate candidates to Republicans, because of the damage progressives like AOC have done to her party.

Swing states and red states have no patience for far-left socialism. And the more people like Bernie Sanders hold sway among liberals, the more voters flock to the GOP.

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