Biden Actually Reminisces About “Real Segregationists” – Joe Looks Back Fondly On The Days He Could Eat Lunch With Them

Remember when Joe Biden claimed he was for “unity”? Yeah, that was pretty funny. Since entering office, he’s gone out of his way to ignore Republicans and conservative Americans.

He even recently called MAGA supporters “extremists.”

But if you asked him, he pines for the days he was able to have lunch with folks of differing political views. What he really did was admit he palled around with “real segregationists.”

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From YouTube:

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What the heck is this man talking about? While on one of his usual rambles, Joe talks about how he knew “real segregationists.”

I guess he’s admitting there are no real segregationists around, anymore? Even as Democrats accuse Republicans constantly of being “racist”?

Then he goes on to admit he ended up “eating lunch” with these people. Uh… what?

What does that have to do with where we are today? Is Biden saying he enjoyed eating lunch with racists?

Yet he refuses to have a good relationship with conservative Americans… or even moderates within his own party?

Not once have we seen Biden reaching out to Republicans in Congress. Instead, he counts on his party forcing items through, without a single Republican supporting them.

And he continues talking about hanging out with segregationists.

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