Biden Claims For 36 Years He Was ‘Poorest Man In Congress’ – Then Joe Gets An Earful From Average Americans

We know all about Joe Biden’s increasingly troubling gaffes. But long before he was slurring his words or confusing names and dates, he had a tenuous grasp on the truth.

Way back in the 80s, he was outed for plagiarizing other leaders’ speeches. He also made claims that were unprovable.

Now, he is claiming he was the “poorest man in Congress” for almost 40 years.

From Zero Hedge:

Then he told the “crowd” that “I’m so tired of trickle-down economics. I never found that it trickled down on top of my head very much. I was listed … as the poorest man in Congress for 36 years. I didn’t think you should make money while you’re in office.”

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People didn’t take that sitting down.

From Twitter:

Unless you mean tens of millions from China, Russia and Ukraine, in which case it’s [at least] 10% for the Big Guy!

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So, $80,000 a month from your son probably made up for that.  And don’t forget the 1.5 billion from China.  Don’t worry, you’re set now.

People were not kind after Joe claimed he was the poorest guy in office for 38 years. He even claimed he “didn’t think you should make money while you’re in office.”

He’s clearly given up on that sentiment. Unlike Donald Trump, who donated his presidential salary every quarter, Biden has pocketed that salary.

Users online pointed out that he has been making big bucks while in the Senate, Vice President’s office, and now the White House.

Some reminded him of the apparent large sums of cash he may have allegedly gotten from his son Hunter’s business dealings.

Now, we’re not condoning these comments. Nothing has been proven and no official charges have been made—not yet, at least.

But it’s pretty odd how Biden thinks he can rewrite history like this. Nobody believes old Joe is some kind of pauper, sacrificing his wealth so that he serves the public.

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