Biden Downplays Nuclear Threat From Russia – But Joe Just Sent The ‘Doomsday Plane’ Into The Air

Back in January, Joe Biden didn’t seem all that worried about Russia invading Ukraine. He foolishly said the U.S. would do nothing over a “minor incursion.” Today, Russia is sending tanks into the country, bombing major cities and threatening worse. Biden has been caught flat-footed, his only response sanctions.

Recently, Putin went as far as to threaten the use of nuclear weapons. Once again, Biden doesn’t seem to be taking Putin’s threats seriously.

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From The Epoch Times:

President Joe Biden on Monday said that Americans should not fear the prospect of a nuclear war with Russia as White House officials indicated that the United States hasn’t changed the status of its nuclear forces.

But somebody seems worried, because they just scrambled the “doomsday plane.”

From iNews:

America’s $200m “doomsday plane” designed to act as a flying control centre in the event of a nuclear conflict was sent on a four-hour training sortie on Monday – hours after Vladimir Putin increased the readiness of Russia’s nuclear forces.

Are we seeing a repeat of January? Biden claims that Putin is unlikely to use nuclear weapons in their war with Ukraine. Yet he was wrong about the invasion from the start, refusing to do anything about Russia when he had the chance. Biden spent most of February backtracking his mistake, but it was not enough.

Putin rattled the world by talking about nuclear weapons. The tyrant even suggested using them against anyone who tried to stop his invasion. Biden said Americans should not fear, yet his administration sent the “doomsday plane” into the air for a training exercise. This plan is designed to function during a nuclear war.

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Oh, what convenient timing, Joe!

So, does the administration truly fear Putin will use nukes? That’s a scary thought. But Biden’s conflicting messaging doesn’t help anyone. We can’t predict what will happen. The United States is unlikely to engage in a war with Russia. But the invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. America and our allies must not lose sight.

Obviously, Putin is talking about nukes in order to distract from what he’s really doing. He wants to scare off the U.S. and E.U., so he can have free reign in Ukraine. But the entire world is watching the invasion with disgust. If Putin thinks he can get away with it, he is dreaming.

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