Biden Drives His Party Toward Political Cliff – The President Plans To Force Doomed Vote On Voting Rights

Biden is having a pretty hard time being “president” these days. The man who once promised unity has tried to railroad over half of the nation. Not once has he listened to Republicans. He has not bothered to negotiate with them or pay attention to their concerns. Worse still, he can’t even get his own party to go along with his agenda.

Instead of adjusting his plans to meet America’s needs, he is pushing along toward a political cliff. He is determined to force a vote on some of the worst legislation we’ve seen in a long time. The bills are doomed to fail, which will only further damage Biden’s already shattered credibility.

From The Hill:

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, President Biden and other Democratic leaders will use the chilly federal holiday to tie the civil rights movement 60 years ago to the Senate’s doomed efforts this week to pass bills they argue would protect voting rights against threats posed by Republicans…

Centrist Democrats, not unlike their Republican colleagues, have misgivings about the two election reform bills and want the Senate filibuster rule to remain as is, undercutting progressives’ hopes of wrestling victory from a losing Senate hand.

Biden is trying to use what fading influence he has in D.C. to push for the passage of two toxic voting bills. These bills would destroy our elections as we know them, making stopping fraud impossible. Among the many radical changes they would make to our democracy, they would outlaw voter ID, encouraging countless to vote illegally.

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But these bills have little chance of passing in the Senate. They would require 60 votes to pass out of debate to a final vote. And no Republican is willing to vote for them. Democrats have tried to erase this rule, known as the filibuster, but two moderate Democrats refuse to support it. Meaning, pushing for a vote on these bills this week will fail.

Biden seems to think this will end up hurting Republicans. How? His empty claims that these bills are needed have fallen on deaf ears. It doesn’t seem most Americans believe that we need massive changes to our vote to defend anyone’s voting rights—since anyone who can lawfully vote isn’t being prevented from doing so right now.

Instead, this push will go down in yet another defeat for Biden. He’s really racking those up. Biden seems incapable of advancing his agenda in any way. Instead, he flounders like a confused old man who doesn’t know how to lead.

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