Biden Earns “Lie Of The Year” From WSJ – They Claim The Democrat Price Tag Of Build Back Better Is A “Big Con”

Joe Biden has been enjoying special treatment from the media all year long. Even as the country’s struggled with crises his administration created, he always counted on the MSM to hide his worst failures. But it doesn’t seem like everyone in the press is willing to cover Biden’s blunders.

Joe’s been struggling to get his socialist spending package passed in the Senate. It’s the only reason Democrats put him into office. He and his cronies have claimed this massive spending bill will cost “zero.” But the Wall Street Journal just said it was the “Lie of the Year.”

From The Daily Wire:

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal editorial board issued a blistering column, explaining why the true cost of the BBB plan is at least $3 trillion over a 10-year span of time and calling the claim zero dollars the “lie of the year”…

“Now comes the Congressional Budget Office to report that the claim of zero cost is a Big Con. CBO, a political outfit beholden to Congress, can’t be so blunt. It is constrained by budget conventions imposed by Congress. But even under those conventions, CBO has said the bill would add $200 billion to the deficit over 10 years.”

The WSJ blasted Joe Biden, saying his claims about his spending package were false. Biden and his office said that the $1.7 trillion bill would cost us “zero” over the next ten years. But even the media outlet revealed it would cost about $4.6 trillion.

They pointed to the CBO’s assessment that the bill would add a shocking $200 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. How is this thing “zero” when it’s going to add that much to our national debt?

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The numbers were so terrible, the newspaper had to blast Joe with a big claim. They said his promises of a “zero” bill were the “lie of the year.” That’s not something the administration wants to hear, especially as he’s fighting so hard to get this passed in the Senate.

Already a number of moderate Democrats expressed displeasure over Bidens’ spending bill. Folks like Joe Manchin seem far from supporting it, because of its massive cost and tax hikes. This report won’t help change his mind.

Why is Biden claiming this bill will cost “zero”? Some have pointed to “budget gimmicks” that disguise the real costs. Gimmicks, really? I thought these were smart leaders who knew what they were doing? But the fact they have to use gimmicks to trick Americans into thinking this bill will work… makes them look like clowns.

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