Biden Faces Serious Accusation – Joe’s State Department Allegedly Charging U.S. Citizens $2K To Escape Afghanistan

In the wake of the Afghanistan fallout, many Americans are worried about U.S. citizens that are stuck in the fallen country. With the Taliban in charge, it’s a potentially dangerous situation.

On top of that, the evacuations haven’t gone exactly as planned, which has become a sore point for the Biden administration. Now, there appears to be another wrinkle to the story.

It seems U.S. citizens might have to pay to escape Afghanistan.

When the Afghan government fell to Taliban forces, it became immediately clear that any U.S. citizens should attempt to evacuate. And one would assume our government would handle it.

Unfortunately, the government didn’t handle any aspect of the evacuations well, according to multiple sources and reports.

And this new report could cause President Biden’s reputation to fall another notch because if accurate, it’s bound to annoy American residents.

As first reported by Politico, sources are saying Biden’s State Department were asking for payments from American passengers to get out of Afghanistan. And the cost isn’t cheap.

Via The Daily Wire:

A report published on Thursday alleged that the Biden administration was charging U.S. citizens for evacuation flights out of Afghanistan, and even more for non-citizens.

The Politico report says that while U.S. officials said evacuation flights from Kabul would be free, people actually in Afghanistan are saying this isn’t true.

In fact, one person said Americans were having to shell out as much as $2,000 to get a ticket out of the embattled country.

The State Department hasn’t denied the allegation, saying U.S. law says evacuation assistance to U.S. citizens is provided “on a reimbursable basis to the maximum extent practicable.”

So essentially, the Biden administration can request payment for flights out of Afghanistan, even from American citizens.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) quickly sprang into action following this report, saying she was drawing up a law that would ban the government from charging Americans for evacuation flights.

To add to the report, another source cites a State Department webpage with information on the matter.

In answer to the question, “will the U.S. government pay for my evacuation if it is needed?” the answer provided is:

No. U.S. law requires that the assisted evacuation of private U.S. citizens or third country nationals be provided ‘on a reimbursable basis to the maximum extent practicable.’

However, we do understand that you may not be able to access your own money during a crisis. For evacuation transportation that we arrange to transport you out of a crisis location, you do not have to pay before you board.

The page says the cost of transport will vary, and you’re also responsible for any other travel costs like hotel, food, clothing, medication, etc.

It does say that you might be eligible for emergency financial assistance if you can’t pay, but otherwise, the allegations appear to hold water.

They could – and apparently are, in some cases – asking for payment to evacuate Afghanistan, which doesn’t sit well with politicians like Rep. Tenney. Many citizens are crying foul, too.

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This is another chapter in the concerning Afghanistan saga that continues to unfold.

Right now, the Biden administration is taking a lot of heat for its decisions in the past month or so, and you can expect the criticism to intensify as time goes on.

Whether or not this hurts Democrats in future elections – the midterms in 2022, for example – remains to be seen. But currently, Biden’s team is facing a lot of difficult questions.

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