Biden Fesses Up To Preschooler On Hot Mic – As President You’ve Got To “Avoid Answering Questions Sometimes”

Ever since Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office, many reporters wondered if he’d be as transparent as he promised. At the start of his term, the new President emphasized transparency with the media.

However, since that time, members of the press haven’t seen a lot of transparency. That’s why several White House reporters recently filed a complaint against the administration.

And now, POTUS himself might’ve just let something slip — to a preschooler.

Biden has been accused of refusing to answer questions, and avoiding certain reporters altogether. Sources also claim the President isn’t as accessible as his predecessors.

There have been instances caught on video of Biden (or his aides) cutting press conferences short, and many questions going unanswered.

But according to what the President told a young child this week, that’s all part of the job.

Biden visited a New Jersey preschool on Monday while helping Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, according to the New York Post. One boy sported a shirt that read, “Future President.”

The boy, whose name was Landon, then asked Biden about dealing with the press as President.

Biden’s answer quickly made the rounds online:

You know, when you’re president, you see all these people here? They’re with you all of the time.

They get to ask you all kinds of questions. And you got to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes.

This is the sort of thing that could come back to haunt the President.

After months of reporters becoming increasingly frustrated with Biden, he makes it plain that you have to “figure out how to avoid answering questions.” His opponents aren’t likely to forget that.

On top of which, Republicans will argue that former President Donald Trump didn’t avoid questions anywhere near as much.

Even Democrat leaders will say the same of former POTUS Barack Obama. It certainly seems clear that Joe Biden is less willing to field questions than most leaders we’ve seen come before him.

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Biden did tell reporters that he intends to strike a deal for his social spending bill by Wednesday, though. This bill would financially support preschool with federal funds.

But despite this statement, that won’t be the primary takeaway from his visit.

The country continues to struggle with rising inflation and cost of living, and major issues like the border crisis remain in the spotlight. These issues will likely be a problem for quite some time.

This is when the nation hopes to have a leader who really is transparent and forthright. But when he tells a preschooler about “avoiding questions,” it just doesn’t go over well for millions of citizens.

We’ll have to see if Biden is more receptive to the media as his term progresses.

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