Biden Freezes Up During A Live CNN Interview – Holds His Hands Up Like He’s Driving An Invisible Car

President Joe Biden’s legacy might be defined by issues like the border crisis, inflation, and the Afghanistan fiasco. Those topics certainly dominate the political conversation today.

But he’ll also be known to many for numerous public gaffes, flubs, and slip-ups. If he doesn’t have a teleprompter, Biden seems susceptible to mistakes, especially when it involves names and numbers.

Then there are times when he manages to confuse everybody.

For example, last month when the President was introducing Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, he thanked the lieutenant governor of the state. But his choice of words was bizarre:

Biden said he “covers her in every way, both in terms of physically, and mentally, and every other way.” It just didn’t come out right.

And in regards to numbers, just this week the President claimed he commuted on Amtrak trains every day for 36 years — while he was vice president.

Those are errors in speech, which are all too common for Biden. But this latest video has people stumped, primarily because it doesn’t involve any speaking mistake. Instead, it’s something else.

For whatever reason, it looks like Biden is hanging onto an invisible podium.

Others have joked that he looks about ready to start boxing, and some have wondered if he’s somehow bracing himself. But these are the more innocent theories floating around.

The more disturbing possibility is that the President simply isn’t 100 percent aware of his surroundings, and really thinks he’s standing at a podium.

Even if that isn’t it, there doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for Biden to stand like that. It’s unlikely he’d be able to explain it, either, though maybe he’ll surprise everyone with a response at some point.

The problem is that this only fuels the fires of concern and controversy.

For months, many Americans and Republican leaders have accused the President of being unfit. Even former White House physician Ronny Jackson has said multiple times that Biden clearly isn’t well.

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There are just too many examples of POTUS making incomprehensible speeches, and little physical mistakes that point toward a cognitive decline.

Many in Washington have also called for Biden to take a test to determine his mental stability. So far, that hasn’t happened.

However, if he keeps hanging onto invisible podiums and mangling his words, that test might become a necessity — for the sake of national security, at the very least.

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