Biden Fumes At Senate GOP After They Block Landmark Voting Rights Bill

Biden was not pleased after Republicans in the Senate were united in blocking Democrats “For the People Act” voting rights bill.

All 50 Republicans voted agains the bill, while all 50 Democrats voted for the bill.

60 votes were needed for the procedural bill to advance.

Biden accused Republicans of “voter suppression” accusing them of being part of “an ongoing assault of voter suppression that represents a Jim Crow era in the 21st Century”

Biden vowed to persevere and said “this fight is far from over..far from over” in a statement.

Biden fumes at Senate GOP after they block landmark voting rights bill
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Meanwhile, Republicans called the bill a “power grab” and characterized the “For the People Act” as a bid for federally-controlled votes

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell said the Democrats showed “disdain for the American people” with the proposed legislation.


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