Biden Gets Ambushed By Van Billboard – On Joe’s Atlanta Trip Conservatives Show The Public 4 Pinocchios

With Biden’s “BBB” agenda stalled, Democrats are going all-out to transform our elections. Instead of trying to win back support from Americans, they are trying to radically change the way our elections are handled—just before the November midterms.

Joe Biden, who is suffering the worst approval ratings in recent history, is all on board for this hostile takeover of our democracy.

He even traveled to Georgia, a ground zero for the chaotic 2020 Election results, to push his bogus agenda. Biden had previously tried to shame Georgia leaders for trying to protect their elections with a voter integrity bill.

Now, a group dedicated to protecting our democracy went on the offensive to blast Biden’s claims. From Fox News:

Honest Elections Project Action, a conservative 501(c)4 organization, will be running a mobile billboard around the Atlanta University Center Consortium at Clark Atlanta University torching Biden for his party’s plan to federalize the American electoral system…

[One] slide on the electronic mobile billboard highlights the president’s four “Pinocchios” from the Washington Post for “some of his misleading claims” about the Peach State’s election laws.

And this genius one:

A conservative election integrity group set up a mobile billboard to blast Biden’s claims about our elections. As Biden appeared in Atlanta to push the left’s hostile takeover of our voting systems, the billboard drove around, highlighting many of Biden’s false claims. The billboard gave Joe “four Pinocchio’s” for what he’s said about Georgia.

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Biden sicced the liberal establishment against Georgia last year after it passed a voter integrity bill. Democrats quickly sought to boycott the state over what Biden wrongly called “Jim Crow 2.0.” But Biden ignored numerous facts that undermined his claims, including how Georgia has more days for early voting than his home state of Delaware.

In fact, despite the new law, Georgia is providing more access for voters than many blue or swing states. But that didn’t stop Democrats from slandering the state, compelling MLB to move its All-Star game and some Hollywood companies to pull productions located in the state.

Now, Biden is trying to push his party’s radical changes to our election—and thinks he can sell it to Georgia.

Biden’s agenda is pretty obvious. He knows that if Republicans sweep the midterms, his agenda is done. He might even face investigations, perhaps even impeachment, over his failed decisions. But if he can get these “voting rights” bills passed, we’ll never have a fair election again.

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