Biden Gets Beaten By 3 Of His Own – Joe’s Latest Nominee Gets Knocked Down By Democrat Senators

Joe Biden hasn’t had a great track record with government appointments. We all know about the person he’s trying to get onto the Supreme Court. And the people currently serving in his administration are far from stellar.

Several notable people withdrew their names from consideration for high posts after controversy erupted over their records. Imagine how bad these people have been—had they gotten the jobs!

That track record isn’t getting any better. We can’t predict what will happen with Biden’s Supreme Court pick. But another flunky he wanted on a top post in the Labor Department just got the boot. And three of Biden’s own allies voted against him.

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From New York Post:

President Biden’s nominee for a key position in the Labor Department was rejected by the Senate on Wednesday — with three Democrats joining all 50 Republicans to vote against the pick.

The vote to advance David Weil’s nomination to head up the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division failed 53-47 as Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly of Arizona opposed the nomination…

A spokesperson for Sinema told CNN that the lawmaker “has concerns” about Weil’s “ability to faithfully execute and uphold the law.”

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Three Democrats, all from conservative states, voted against Biden’s pick for the Labor Department. Along with all 50 Republicans, that sunk the man’s chances. Biden wanted a former Obama official, David Weil, to run the Labor Department’s Wage and House Division. But it seems this leftist had a history of going after companies, even for things that were not their fault.

Weil supported the idea that corporations like McDonald’s should be punished for the actions of franchisees—groups they have no control over. It’s possible Republicans viewed this man as an anti-business socialist, who would use the powers of the Labor Department to further hurt companies (which has been happening a lot under Joe Biden).

That could have been a concern for these three senators, two of whom come from Arizona and the third, West Virginia. Sen. Sinema from AZ said he was concerned about Weil’s “ability to faithfully… uphold the law.” Ouch. It seems the senator doesn’t think Weil would be able to follow the law. Perhaps because of his political views?

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