Biden Gives An Honest Confession For Once – The President Admits ‘Biden’s America’ Is In A Pretty Tough Spot

Over the last few months, we’ve shown you the numbers. Joe Biden, the “remedy” to Donald Trump, is losing the respect of most Americans. The latest poll numbers are dismal, but that’s only half of the story.

The reality is, Americans are suffering. And many believe it’s Joe Biden’s fault.

Plenty of reporters have now challenged Joe on his approval rating. It seems, for a long time, Biden didn’t even know he was losing the American public. He appeared to just blindly push forward with his agenda, an agenda Americans already rejected.

But recently, he finally admitted things aren’t where they should be. From NY Post:

“But look, the point is, I didn’t run because of the polls​.”…

“Look, a lot of people are worried,” the president admitted. “Think about this. Look​, ​750,000 people have died because of COVID. The psychological scars that has put on so many people. Schools have not been open because of COVID.”

“We’re in a situation where there’s a lot of anxiety. Gas prices are up, exceedingly high​,” he continued.

Biden responded to a question about a recent poll that had his approval at 48% to 52% disapproval. Those are pretty outdated numbers since they are now at 37.8% approve to 59% disapprove. But the man shrugged off the polls, saying he didn’t run because of polls.

Well, he should be looking at them—since they tell us just what Americans think of him. You know, the people that he is supposed to be working for? Biden went on to admit that gas prices are skyrocketing and that there is “a lot of anxiety” in the country right now.

But is he admitting it’s his fault? Nope! As usual, he blamed COVID. How many times is this guy going to blame that for his own failures? Many Americans believe the country is hurting because of him! Many think gas prices are high because Biden crippled our industry. They don’t just blame OPEC for everything.

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There is a lot of “anxiety” because we have a man who cannot lead in the most important position in the country. Biden refuses to make the right decisions to fix his many mistakes. And the people working for him and both incompetent fools and radical activists. Neither can do their jobs.

When discussing a supply chain that he is in large part responsible for, he blamed the global markets. No, Joe, it was your stimulus that triggered this problem. We produce plenty of goods in America. But we can’t get them to stores, because you are paying people to stay home. On top of that, he has kept government offices closed, making it harder for shipping and processing.

It’s ironic that Biden admits the country is in a bad place. But he refuses to lift a figure to do something about it. Have we ever had a leader lack this much in self-awareness?

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