Biden Goes Begging To Supreme Court – Joe Is Trying To End Trump’s Policy Of “Remain In Mexico”

Joe Biden will be ending the year with the lowest approval ratings we’ve ever seen. With numbers worse than Jimmy Carter, you’d think the administration would be scrambling to recover. His team should be trying anything to improve their image, for the good of the country.

But, of course, this is the Biden administration, so nothing like that is going to happen. With his agenda in shambles and even his own party turning on him, Biden is doing the unthinkable. He is petitioning the Supreme Court to end a policy that actually works.

From New York Post:

The Biden administration is looking to the Supreme Court in its fight to end the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy after an appeals court rejected its latest effort.

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice petitioned the high court to hear the case, arguing that previous decisions keeping the policy in place contained “erroneous interpretations” of federal law.

Biden’s administration is so bankrupt, so determined to derail the United States, that it is trying to—once again—reverse Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. This is the same policy that was proven to work when Trump was in office. The same policy that could end Biden’s migrant crisis, one of the biggest stains on his administration.

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Yet with rising inflation, a fuel crisis, a worker shortage, and runaway crime, what is Biden trying to do? End a policy that prevents dangerous criminals from flooding the country. Let’s not forget that nearly 2 million migrants entered the country this year.

The Remain in Mexico policy hasn’t even been fully reinstated yet. But Biden is more concerned with helping border jumpers, than the well-being of the American people.

You really have to wonder what is going through his staffers’ heads. Do they want millions of invaders to flood our communities, destabilizing our economy, health care systems, and infrastructure? This is the same administration that wants to shut down American over the virus. Yet they are encouraging more strangers (who are not tested) to come in.

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