Biden Goes Over The Top During Bizarre Press Conference Now Members Of Congress Want Joe To Take A Test

Were the sediments of many that watched Biden’s bizarre press appearances.

During a press event Biden started whispering while giving his answers and it was…well…bizarre.

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It has been reported that Biden at times flies into a rage and we saw that last week when he started yelling at a reporter. Some have suggested that Biden could be coached in whispering like that so he doesn’t lose his temper however, the whispering didn’t help.

The press event was another series of gaffes Biden made during media events.

In the video below Biden confused the Tuskegee airmen with illegal immigrants and then humiliated American Hispanic population. After confusing African Americans with hispanic’s Biden claimed that hispanics aren’t’ getting vaccinated because they are afraid they’ll be deported and used the term “Latinx.” First off, hispanics do not like the term “Latinx” and second, Joe seems to believe all hispanics are illegal immigrants.

May be Joe’s mad that a historic number of Latinos are voting Republican instead of Democrat.

In the clip below Biden threatened Americans with nuclear weapons and he also exposed his neocon thinking. I believe the countries of Vietnam and Afghanistan would disagree with you. Two wars fought by politicians like Biden spent a truck load of money with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, president Trump defeated ISIS in 18 months and stopped the warmongers from getting us into another long term war.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is now requesting that Biden take a cognitive test.


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