Biden Goes Where Trump Wouldn’t Dare – Joe Promotes Big Tech Tells Americans To Google Test Sites

Joe Biden has officially failed on his biggest promise and challenge. He once claimed he would do better than Trump, vowing to “shut down” the 2020 crisis. But only recently, he admitted that his administration had no plans for “solving” it, saying state governors were on their own. Shockingly, though, he’s gotten even worse.

In a recent presser, he once again divided Americans. Defying recent studies, he accused Americans who refused to bow to his demands for the ongoing situation. Refusing to take the blame, he is trying to turn Americans against their families and neighbors. But then he said something really shocking.

From Fox News:

[Biden] told Americans to use internet search engines to find a COVID test rather than offering a plan to provide more tests for the country…

“Google ‘COVID tests near me’ to find the nearest site where you can get a test most often and free.” […]

[Fox host Jesse] Watters said Biden’s predecessor, former President Trump, would never have gotten a pass for proclaiming Google to be a serious strategy to cure the testing issue:

“If I need a test I will Google it. Can you imagine if Donald Trump told people to Google where to get a test – with lines around the block?” he said.

Scrambling, as usual, Joe Biden told Americans to “Google” where they could find a test site that didn’t have lines around the corner. During Trump’s administration, they ramped up testing to the point where every pharmacy or grocery store could provide one. There were even pop-up sites that people could use to get a test.

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Apparently, in just a matter of months, that infrastructure collapsed. People are being forced to wait in long lines (whatever happened to social distancing?) to get a simple test. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Biden wasted millions of dollars reserved for tests on flights for migrants? I think it does.

Watters slammed Biden, saying there would be an uproar if Trump dismissively told Americans to “Google” test sites. Shouldn’t the “president” be providing a more legitimate means for Americans to find test locations? Surely state health departments have that information readily at hand, right?

Why is Biden relying on a private company (one notorious for invading folks’ privacy) to do his job? Yeah, we get it. Private companies are far better at getting things done than the government. But Biden’s statement came off as insulting and demeaning, as millions of Americans seek leadership and guidance.

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