Biden Just Crashed Through His Polling Floor – Now Trump Is Firmly Beating Him On Same-Time Approval

With each passing day, it gets worse for Joe Biden. Back in the Spring, as his approval started to turn, we said it would continue to plummet.

And we are just days away from the new year—and look, we were right! But even in the final hours of 2021, Biden finds new ways to drain the water out of his shallow, pathetic pool.

Just last week, his mega-spending bill failed. This week, he admitted he could not “solve” the 2020 crisis, despite promising to do so during the election. Well, it seems Americans are finally fed up. The man is polling so badly, even Trump’s worst numbers look good.

From Breitbart:

Just 36 percent of registered voters approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, Civiqs polling revealed Sunday.

That is a devastating number for the President. And for top issues, he’s firmly underwater. From Rasmussen Reports:

Rasmussen Reports finds that only 31% of Likely U.S. voters rate Biden excellent or good for his handling of crime and law enforcement issues. That’s down from 34% in July. Fifty-one percent (51%) give Biden a poor rating for his handling of crime, up from 48% in July.

And it only gets worse compared to Biden’s biggest rival—Donald Trump. From Twitter:

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This is a lot of bad to work through, so let’s get to it. Biden’s latest Civiqs poll has his approval at a laughable 36% with 55% disapproving. His rating on crime is 31%. His rating on immigration is a dismal 27%. And to top it all off, Biden is doing worse than Trump at the same time in his administration.

Keep in mind, Trump was fighting a media that was 97% negative. The MSM was pushing the Russian collusion hoax, along with a mountain of other lies. Biden, on the other hand, enjoys soft-ball coverage from most networks. They don’t even care when he turns his back on them!

But what was Trump doing in December 2017? Oh, he scored a historic tax cuts bill that resulted in major corporations announcing bonuses, raises, and charitable giving. What has Biden done this Christmas? Yeah, he scolded Americans and admitted defeat on a top issue.

Does anyone in Biden’s administration wonder why he is losing so badly? Are they at all aware of just how badly their “president” is doing? Do the people who recharge his batteries bother to read the news?

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