Biden Just Got A Concerning Report From Americans – More Than Half Of Americans Think Kamala Will Finish His Term

Joe Biden has been failing in his promises to America. That’s hardly bombshell news. What is, though, are the numerous mainstream polls that reveal Americans are abandoning him. His approval is in the low 40s, high 30s—shocking numbers for a liberal president.

And it looks like things are getting worse for old Joe.

We’ve all watched as Biden’s performance deteriorated over the year. His handlers keep him from answering questions—even whisking him from public appearances. We’ve seen him slip, fumble, and fall. And even with teleprompters, he can barely communicate.

Add that to his falling approval, Democrats are getting desperate. And Americans know the score.

From The Washington Examiner:

New polling from McLaughlin & Associates shows that 58% of likely voters believe Biden will be sidelined or worse and Harris installed in the Oval Office before the election. Just 32% see that as unlikely.

Surprisingly, 52% of Democratic likely voters agree, as do majorities of Hispanics, blacks, men, and women.A whopping 58% of those polled believe Biden will not finish out his first term in office. They believe ineffective and unimpressive Kamala Harris will be in office before the next election. Only 32% seem to disagree.

What’s even more shocking is that the number includes 52% of Democrats. Even liberal voters don’t think Biden has what it takes to be president for just four years.

Hey, idiots! Why did you vote for him, then? Did you really hate Trump so much that you’d vote for a closet communist who you knew would be out by 2024? Did you really think that it was better to have Kamala Harris at the reigns, going toe-to-toe with a Republican candidate?

This shows you just how stupid liberal voters are. And just how bad Biden is looking these days. Spend a few minutes watching any of his recent press conferences. Just look one up on YouTube. Watch how the man squints and strains to speak. How confused and dismissive he is to reporters.

From all appearances, the man looks tired, agitated, and completely uninterested in his job. And he’s the “President” of the United States!

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Even the pollsters admitted that the more Americans see of Biden, “the weaker and more feeble-minded” he appears. Yeah, duh. The man was never qualified for the job. Forget his toxic plans for the country, he can’t even walk up the stairs.

But will he end up getting sidelined for Kamala? That could be even worse for the country—and for Democrats. The woman polled at just 2% during the Democratic primaries. Not even her own party wants her. If she takes over, the Democrats are doomed.

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