Biden Just Got Snubbed By World Leaders – Joe Begged On His Knees For More Oil But OPEC Rejects Him

You might remember that, early in his administration, Joe Biden took steps to hurt America’s energy production.

He killed off the Keystone XL pipeline. He also banned drilling for oil and gas on federal land. (Oh, and he greenlit Russia’s pipeline.)

The result? Rising gas prices just as Americans started going back to work.

Instead of rolling back his terrible decisions, Biden went to OPEC as prices skyrocketed. He begged Russia and Saudi Arabia to increase their own oil production.

Let’s see how well that worked out.

From The Daily Wire:

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies reportedly plan to reject a petition from the Biden administration to pump more oil into the world market.

OPEC+, a coalition of oil-rich countries led by Russia and Saudi Arabia, believes that there is no need for the cartel to bump up its schedule for planned increases in oil output, according to Reuters.

After Biden begged OPEC to increase oil production, the organization rejected his bid.

Why should Russia and Saudi Arabi—our economic rivals in this sector—do the bidding of Joe Biden?

The man has not once shown any strength on the global scene. He has folded again and again to China, Russia, and even Iran.

Russia and Saudi Arabia stand to gain an incredible amount of wealth from not bumping up supply. The less oil that is out there, the more they can charge for it.

The only way we can counter that is by… wait for it… increasing our own oil production.

Why does Biden think it’s okay for Russia to increase oil, but not the United States? It can’t be over environmental concerns.

The thing is, Russia is on the same planet as the United States. Their oil production has the same environmental impact as ours (perhaps worse, since they have lower standards).

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The only difference is that Russia gets rich when they increase their oil production. And America loses out.

Biden’s policies are making our enemies rich and prosperous while hurting American-owned companies.

(And let’s not forget that China also has skin in the energy game.)

A smart leader would now take steps to ramp up U.S. oil production.

But this is Joe we’re talking about…

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