Biden Just Ignored A Direct Order From Congress – Joe Misses Deadline To Give Report On Afghan Evacuation

President Joe Biden has dealt with a series of issues and crises in 2021. Most recently, the economy and inflation have been the biggest concerns for much of America.

However, the year has also seen serious problems relating to immigration and the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. The latter especially remains a sore point among Republicans and some military leaders.

It might’ve just gotten worse, too — because Biden has ignored an order from Congress.

One of the most controversial aspects of the Afghanistan fiasco was the evacuation procedures. The Biden administration was heavily criticized for botching the process in numerous ways.

Since then, the GOP and other D.C. lawmakers have called for investigations into the ordeal.

As a result, Congress passed a resolution that demanded the Biden administration provide details of the evacuation, and how it’s progressing. Biden himself signed the resolution on September 30.

But according to the latest update, the President’s team has yet to provide that report.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Biden administration has failed to meet a congressionally imposed requirement that it share a breakdown of where the Afghanistan evacuation stands, including a detailed listing of whom it airlifted out of Kabul, according to a senior Senate Republican.

The deadline in question was November 29, and we’re now a week past that date.

The mandate said that Biden had to offer details on Operation Allies Welcome, which is the government’s evacuation and resettlement program. But a senior lawmaker has confirmed that they’ve received nothing.

Republicans were quick to seize on the report. Said Sen. Rob Portman:

The Biden administration was required by law to report to Congress by November 30 on the composition and vetting of the Afghan evacuees…

…including who actually got on our planes and just how many special immigrant visa holders, and others who helped US forces and our allies over the last 20 years were left behind.

It has failed to do so.

Portman added that the “feckless nature of the evacuation of Afghans has put our national security at risk.”

According to H.R. 5305 (the Extending Government Funding and Delivery Emergency Assistance Act), the DHS secretary must hand over a written report 60 days after the enacted date.

That summary needs to include how many evacuees are currently residing at overseas bases or non-military holding areas.

It also needs an accurate count of “lawful permanent residents, SIV holders, SIV applicants, nonimmigrant visa holders, and refugee referrals.” But again, the Biden administration has provided none of this to date.

There’s another concerning angle to this missed deadline, too.

Reportedly, Congress requested that Biden’s DHS reveal the number of Afghan evacuees who had been flagged as national security concerns, or were on a no-fly list.

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On top of that, Biden was supposed to provide a cost estimate — i.e., how much the entire U.S./Afghan operation is costing America. This is another major concern, especially for taxpayers.

Many question exactly who is coming in from Afghanistan, especially when reports claim that 75% of those evacuated weren’t American citizens or even green card holders.

The entire situation presents a lot of questions and concerns and so far, the Biden administration has not cooperated with Congress.

There’s no knowing when they might finally submit all this information, but Congress isn’t likely to just let this slide. There are simply too many outstanding problems and issues.

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