Biden Just Put America Last Again – Joe Released 5 Million Barrels Of Oil To Other Countries Including China

Gas prices remain stubbornly high and experts warn that they could climb higher — a lot higher, if Russia opts to put the squeeze on.

At the same time, President Joe Biden’s administration continues to say Americans will simply have to suffer for a while, and leftist politicians push their green agenda during a borderline recession.

Despite the difficulties here at home, however, it seems Biden’s team chooses to help other countries.

In the past few weeks, Biden has often pointed to the fact that they’re releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day. He claims this provides the country with a “historic amount of supply.”

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Even so, this “unprecedented” move hasn’t managed to deflate gas prices, as the national average still remains around $4.80/gallon. As a result, the economy and cost of living are primary concerns among citizens.

Stocks keep struggling and economic experts say a recession is possible, if not likely. And the winter could prove to be a very difficult one for most average Americans.

Which is why many will be infuriated to learn that the Biden administration is exporting our valuable oil resources.

Via The Daily Wire:

Millions of barrels of oil President Joe Biden released from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve found their way to European and Asian nations, including China, according to a Tuesday report from Reuters.

Reuters found through customs data that at least five million barrels of oil were exported to Europe and Asia last month as the strategic reserve drains to its lowest level since 1986.

This includes American oil refiner Phillips 66 shipping 470,000 barrels of sour crude to Trieste, Italy, as well as crude oil going to India, the Netherlands, and China.

Those paying nearly $5/gallon at the pump are having difficulty understanding this move: it only seems to support the critic’s cry of “America Last” regarding the Biden administration’s policies.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre offered no answers, only saying she didn’t know anything about it and would “look into it.”

Many claim Biden put the U.S. in this precarious position in the first few weeks he was in office, after reversing many of his predecessor’s energy policies. Shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline was a major blow.

Then there are accusations that Biden kept delaying new drilling permits, and now we have to beg foreign powers for oil.

However, the White House continues to blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine; the President recently said Vladimir Putin is “principally responsible” for the financial strain on Americans right now.

A lot of economists have called this reasoning out, though, and some oil companies have pointed the finger directly at the President.

So, when the administration turns around and sends 5 million barrels of oil to other countries, it makes sense that U.S. citizens are frustrated and angry. And it doesn’t help the White House’s reputation.

Biden’s job approval ratings are already historically low — they might drop even lower after this news starts to spread.

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