Biden Knocked Over By 25th Amendment Charge – Brexit’s Farage Calls America’s President An ‘Embarrassment’

When Joe Biden was “elected” president, the left said the world would respect us again. They seemed to think that other nations hated us, because of Trump’s tough but fair leadership.

Jump ahead today and the world is in a mess. Biden is responsible for two nations falling to our enemies. And now, Brexit’s fearless leader Nigel Farage is telling us what the world thinks of old Joe.

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From Twitter:

Nigel also went on to say this. From Just the News:

“Nobody is daring to say the 25th should be called when it’s clear that America has a president who [is] … senile. He’s not up to the job.”

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Nigel Farage blasted Joe Biden’s failure of leadership—blaming him for numerous problems around the world. He called Joe an embarrassment and floated the idea of removing him using the 25th Amendment.

Farage was totally honest about how the world sees Joe Biden. He referenced the moment Biden claimed that, because of his election, America was “back.”

Yet around the world, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Biden’s failure to lead has cost the world much.

We’re not just talking about Afghanistan and Ukraine. Farage said that the free world depends on the United States.

But thanks to Joe, crises are exploding around the world, possibly leading to food shortages among other shortages.

Farage spoke candidly, saying the bullies of the world would not have done what they’ve done, if Trump was still in office. That includes Putin, the Taliban, Iran, and China.

Who knows what else might happen around the world, as Joe sleeps at 7 PM? Farage isn’t the only leader from another country who sees Biden’s failures.

We might not remove Biden using the 25th, but Republicans need to retake Congress to get anything done.

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