Biden Lands In Hot Water Over Hunter Voicemail

The media has done a good job in burying Hunter Biden’s many scandals. But no matter what, this black sheep of the family keeps coming back to haunt old Joe.

A voicemail recently surfaced that seems to contradict Biden’s claims that he knew nothing about Hunter’s businesses. You listen to it and decide:

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“You’re in the clear.” Right, that’s not suspicious at all…

But when asked about this new scandal, his press secretary says nothing.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had no answers for why President Biden left a voicemail for Hunter Biden about their China business deals, during the White House press briefing on 7/05/2022.

A voicemail message has come out, in which Joe Biden seems to refer to the scrutiny of Hunter’s business deals.

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This revelation apparently contradicts what Joe has been saying for years. Since the 2020 Election, Biden maintains he had no knowledge of Hunter’s business activities.

Joe has done his best to avoid questions about conflicts of interest and other problems with Hunter’s activity.

But this voicemail appears to show Biden not only knew about Hunter’s work but was actively engaged in it or its fallout.

All this suggests that Biden was lying for many years—and perhaps has more than one conflict of interest.

When pressed about this, Biden’s press secretary had nothing to say. She claimed Biden’s original statement was accurate, but had nothing to add to this new voicemail.

This kind of thing is a bombshell, no matter how you slice it. If this was from Donald Trump, the media would be all over it.

It suggests that Biden is lying and has conflicts that could jeopardize his decisions as “president.”

But it is unlikely that we will get any answers from him or his administration. We might only get answers if Republicans in Congress launch investigations.

They would have to win control over the House and Senate first though.

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