Biden Makes His Supreme Court Pick – Joe Chooses The Liberal Polarizing Option In Ketanji Brown Jackson

Joe Biden promised to fill Stephen Breyer’s seat with a woman of color. Before the current Supreme Court Justice even has a chance to finish his time, the liberal media revved up the speculation. Pundits on the left clamored for a radical socialist to replace the liberal justice.

Word floated around that Biden narrowed his search to three candidates. He reportedly spoke with each of them. And now, it seems he (or whoever makes the decisions in the White House) has made up his mind.

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From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden has reportedly selected Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee for the Supreme Court to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, a Clinton-era appointment who recently announced his retirement.

And it seems the radical left couldn’t be happier with his choice. Major progressive groups had already been lobbying for her to take Breyer’s seat.

From NBC News:

In a Wednesday letter to Biden led by the courts-focused Demand Justice, the 12 groups nudge him to nominate someone with a background working as a public defender or in civil rights…

Although they didn’t name names, the letter appears unmistakably crafted to boost Jackson, who is currently a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, in the final stretch before a decision.

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Far-left groups like Demand Justice, MoveOn, Indivisible, Justice Democrats, and Demos all pushed Biden to pick Ketanji Brown Jackson to be his Supreme Court nominee. Jackson is currently a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C.—and is being championed by progressive groups. It appears these leftists are hoping Jackson will push for “criminal justice reform” while on the bench.

That, of course, is code for putting criminals ahead of law-abiding citizens.

It’s unclear just how progressive Jackson’s views are. But if groups like MoveOn support her, she can’t be considered moderate. It’s likely this potential justice will advocate for radical changes to our Constitution and rubber stamp the far left’s toxic agenda.

But it remains to be seen if she will actually end up on the bench. The Senate Judiciary Committee is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. If all Republicans stand united against Biden’s pick, it probably will not move forward. Biden and the left are hoping to use race and gender as leverage. But if Republicans have cause that this woman will upend the Constitution in the name of progressivism, they will have a good reason not to confirm.

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