Biden, Pelosi Get A Wake-Up Call From Americans – New Poll Claims More Concerned Build Back Better Will Hurt Them

Make no mistake, the events of this week’s elections have Democrats terrified. Republicans flipped Virginia’s governorship from blue to red, along with other major gains across the country. It was a sign that Americans are rejecting Democrats, thanks to Joe Biden.

That should scare enough Dems in Congress to back away from Biden’s spending agenda. But if it doesn’t, this latest poll certainly will. Because Americans are giving Biden’s “BBB” plan a failing grade.

From Fox News:

Americans were divided (34% to 34%) on whether both bills would help or hurt the economy, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted Oct. 29-30…

The poll indicated that a plurality of respondents, or about 32%, said the bills will hurt people like them if they become law, compared to a quarter who thought the measures would help them…

Even Democrats surveyed were lukewarm about the impact of the spending bills: Only about half, or roughly 47%, said the measures would help people like them.

A new poll reveals that Americans are not sold over Biden’s radical, socialist spending agenda. Those asked did not seem it would be good for America. And, when broken up by party, many said that they believe the bill would be bad for them, not good.

That even includes a good number of Democrats. Biden couldn’t even get half of his own party to agree that the bill would help people like them. Only 47% of liberal voters like Biden’s bill—that’s a far cry away from where it should be if Biden actually had their support.

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That’s a pretty big fail for Biden and Democrats in Congress. But we shouldn’t be surprised why Americans are so cautious about this bill. It’s because Biden has failed on nearly everything else he’s done. That includes a spending bill from earlier in the year that triggered massive inflation and a worker shortage.

These bills stand to spend even more money and increase taxes to boot. Do Americans really want a man who handed Afghanistan to the Taliban to decide their fate? A man that shut down American energy, can’t handle a supply chain crisis, and falls down stairs?

If Democrats in Congress were smart, they’d be looking at this poll. They would realize that voting for these bills would doom their future re-election chances. And they’d vote them down instantly.

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