Biden Pledges To Defend Taiwan From Invasion – China Strikes Back Says There Is “No Room For Compromise” On Its Territorial Claims

Ever since the fall of Afghanistan, China has been on the move. They immediately started to threaten Taiwan, a country they claim falls under their communist regime. It appears China believes America won’t intervene, with Biden in the White House.

And as China becomes more aggressive, Biden has been forced to clarify America’s stance.

From Fox News:

President Joe Biden vowed to protect Taiwan from any Chinese incursion during a CNN town hall on Thursday night.

“Are you saying the US would come to Taiwan’s defense if China were to attack?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Biden to which the president responded, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

It’s unclear if Biden will make good on his word to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion. But soon after his statement, but the CCP quickly responded.

From Fox News:

Chinese Foreign Ministry said there is “no room for compromise” on its territorial claims on the island…

“No one should underestimate the strong resolve, determination and capability of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the spokesperson said, according to the mouthpiece for the brutal communist regime. “China has no room for compromise.”

China struck back after Biden reaffirmed America’s commitment to Taiwan. Their spokesperson said they will not “compromise” over their intentions of making the island part of their communist dictatorship. They claimed they will “safeguard” their “sovereignty and territorial integrity” suggesting they want to bring Taiwan under their control.

The White House has been sending mixed signals in regards to the struggle over Taiwan. Biden said we would aid Taiwan if China would attack. But the White House quickly scrambled, pointing to an old agreement where the U.S. is obligated to regard Beijing in diplomatic relations first, not Taiwan.

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Does that mean the U.S. would bow to China if it invaded and annexed Taiwan? We can’t say for certain. Since Biden entered office, he has not done much to confront China’s ongoing abuses. He has done little over China’s human rights abuses. Nor has he held the nation accountable for the pandemic.

We all know that “China Joe” has been very soft on China for years. But would he really sit back and let China stomp all over another nation?

Biden claims we have a “commitment” to defend Taiwan. China doesn’t like that one bit. Will this spill out into conflict? I guess we’ll wait and see.

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