Biden Plummets In Swing State He Won In 2020 – A Majority “Strongly” Disapproves In The State Of New Hampshire

Biden’s approval has continued to plummet all year long. The numbers are so bad, it seems the administration has taken to just ignoring them. And you might be forgiven for not thinking about them too much, also. After all, a national approval rating might not tell you about the state of the American voter.

But what is more telling are polls coming out of states. Especially states that Biden won just a year ago. How are these people, who were all-in on electing this Democrat, feeling about Joe right about now? Well, we’ve seen polling coming out of a state he won handily in 2020. And it’s not great.

From The Washington Examiner:

Thirteen months after President Joe Biden won New Hampshire with 53% of the vote, a fresh poll shows more than half of the state’s voters hold a “strongly unfavorable” opinion of him…

Biden’s overall favorable/unfavorable rating in this key, early presidential primary state was 43%/56%… 70% of respondents said the United States “has gotten off on the wrong track.” Just 21% believe the country is headed “in the right direction.”

Uh-oh. This is not good for Biden, not good at all. He won New Hampshire by 53% just last year. But it hasn’t taken long for the state to turn on him. His favorability is very low, with only 43% of voters approving, 56% of voters disapproving. More than have of the state hold a “strongly unfavorable” view of him—which is not something you like to see if you want to win elections.

The news gets worse for Democrats. Republicans are leading them 47% to 42%. The current governor, Republican Chris Sununu, enjoys a commanding lead for reelection, 58% to 37%. If you are a Democrat hoping to gain ground in NH next year, you probably need to reevaluate your options.

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This is a staggering turnaround in just a year. How did it happen? Do we really need to rehash all of it? Joe Biden ran on a platform of “building back better.” He vowed to be a better president than Donald Trump. What he has done instead is push a radical policy that has failed at every turn. Average Americans are suffering from rising costs, crippling inflation, and fears of the future.

Nothing Biden does seems to assure Americans that we’re on the right track. And Democrats in Congress are doing nothing to right the ship and check Biden’s madness. No wonder states like New Hampshire are turning on him.

We wouldn’t be surprised if polls like this come out of California, Washington, or New York soon enough.

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