Biden Press Sec Admits About Her Boss: Psaki Claims Not Sending Joe To Ukraine Is A Relief

Numerous people from around the world have traveled to Ukraine to help. That includes former Vice President Mike Pence, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham.

But not Joe Biden. And his outgoing press secretary just threw him under the bus.

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From Fox News:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki put a stop to questions Friday about whether President Biden would travel to Ukraine amid its ongoing war with Russia…

“No. no,” Psaki…

“That is not in the plans for the president of the United States,” Psaki said. “We should all be maybe relieved about that.”

It seems like Psaki, knowing she is leaving her job in May, is phoning it in. More than usual.

When asked if Biden will follow Prime Minister Johnson to visit Ukraine, Psaki said he wasn’t.

Then she seemed to expose Biden’s frailty by saying we should be “relieved” he isn’t going. Did she mean, because Ukraine is so dangerous?

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Or, that Biden has been such a disaster so far, it’s better than he does nothing at all?

I think we know which one she really meant.

Psaki is having a harder time not letting her real opinion slip. Perhaps she’s having too many of those margaritas?

She seems to be suggesting Joe Biden’s presence will do nothing to help Ukraine. In fact, he might make things worse, given how often he makes gaffes.

Biden’s recent trip to Europe was a disaster. In every recent appearance, he’s appeared less and less coherent.

Do we really want him mumbling and bumbling around a war-torn country? God help us.

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