Biden Proved Wrong In Historic Report – Skyrocketing Inflation Hits A 4-Decade High Of 6.8% And Is Here To Stay

Plenty of people are calling the current economic crisis “Bidenflation.” And poor old Joe doesn’t like it. He has consistently claimed the rising cost of, well everything, was only temporary. But we’ve seen no end to this rising inflation—and how it has put the squeeze on hard-working Americans.

It appears Biden’s own policies have made the problem worse. Yet he still pretended like this inflation was just a temporary blip. Now, he is forced to face the bad news. Because, just as the Fed and experts predicted, inflation reached record highs, just as the holidays rolled in.

From The Hill:

Consumer prices surged 6.8 percent in the year leading into November and 0.8 percent last month alone as a roaring economy overwhelmed struggling supply chains and fueled inflation, according to data released Friday by the Labor Department…

November’s annual inflation rate of 6.8 percent is the highest since 1982.

Just as Americans settled down to enjoy Thanksgiving (and begin their Christmas shopping), they were hit with record-level inflation. Inflation jumped by 6.8 percent by November, the worst we’ve seen since 1982. Generations of Americans weren’t even born the last time we saw this kind of inflation. And experts keep saying it’s going to continue.

Even the MSM can’t sweep this stuff under the rug. One CNN commentator put it bluntly, calling it a “gut punch.”

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Joe Biden can make excuses, but most economists are pointing the finger at him. Biden’s reckless stimulus bill, his new regulations, his bans on drilling, his inability to address the supply chain crisis, and more have thrown considerable fuel on this inflation problem. To make matters worse, Biden wants to spend more money, which even Democrats say will only further the problem.

We seem to be seeing very little sympathy from Biden and his administration to boot. As Americans suffer from rising prices, struggling to make ends meet, all we hear from this White House is denial. Those that do comment on the problem seem to think it’s our fault. Others dismiss it; I guess inflation doesn’t hurt them.

But Americans aren’t going to forget this. And if inflation does continue until 2023, as some say, Biden will have hell to pay.

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