Biden Pulls An About Face On The Filibuster – Now Joe Wants To Make An Exception To Get His Voting Rights Bill Passed

After Democrats failed to pass Biden’s massive spending bill, they shifted priorities… to radically altering our election systems. If they can’t get our current lawmakers on board to transform our nation into a socialist nightmare, then they’ll just change our election rules so more socialists are elected.


The only problem is, they can’t make major changes to our elections, without Republican support. The filibuster rule gives the minority party in the Senate a way to block legislation they don’t agree with. Many Democrats want to kill off that bill. But even Joe Biden was against that move. Until now.

From The Hill:

President Biden says he supports creating an exception to the legislative filibuster in the Senate in order to pass voting rights legislation over Republican opposition…

“That means whatever it takes. Change the Senate rules to accommodate major pieces of legislation without requiring 60 votes,” Biden said.

Biden recently stated he was in favor of eliminating the filibuster, or at least make an exception to it, just so Democrats can pass their radical overhaul of our elections.

How convenient. The man who wanted to shove his controversial agenda down America’s throat supports the eradication of a major rule so he can force his agenda down our throats.

It’s particularly troubling (and inappropriate) for the “president” to be talking about this. Why? Because he is not in the Senate. This is not his decision to make.

And the Constitution’s mandated separation of powers means Biden has no business influencing Senate policies, especially one meant to check the runaway power of a single party.

But that doesn’t matter to modern Joe Biden. The formerly moderate Democrat is all-in on measures that help the radical left get their way.

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Why is Biden so determined to help people who would fundamentally damage our society? Why isn’t he trying to find compromises between Democrats and Republicans—which he promised he’d do during the election?

That’s the question we should be asking right about now. Biden has seemingly abandoned his previous stances and values and conveniently backs ideas that benefit the far-left.

That includes flip-flopping on the filibuster, a rule that Democrats have used again and again over the years.

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