Biden Reacts To Judge Demanding Halt To DACA Program Calls It “Deeply Disappointing”

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that the DACA program created during the Obama administration is illegal and must be suspended.

In his ruling, Judge Andrew Hanen ordered the Biden admin to stop approving new DACA requests. Hanen deemed DACA an “illegally implemented program” and stated that “the public interest of the nation is always served by the cessation of a program that was created in violation of law and whose existence violates the law.”

“Yesterday’s Federal court ruling is deeply disappointing,” Biden said in a statement in reaction to the decision. “While the court’s order does not now affect current DACA recipients, this decision nonetheless relegates hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to an uncertain future.”

Biden also said the DOJ intends to appeal the ruling.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement. “I am disappointed by yesterday’s ruling and its impact on families across the country, but it will not derail our efforts to protect Dreamers.”

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“The Biden Harris Administration and this country remain as committed as ever to ensuring that Dreamers are protected from the threat of deportation and are allowed to continue to contribute to this country that is their home,” he added.

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