Biden Sent Spinning By Immigration Report – Border Patrol Breaks Record That Stood For 35 Years For Number Of Arrests

2021 has been a momentous year for unprecedented records. This especially includes the southern border crisis, which continues to spiral out of control according to many authorities.

These officials continually warn about the border breaking under the weight of migrant surges. And despite Democrats claiming it’s all exaggerated, Border Patrol has released disturbing statistics.

And we just got some of the most disturbing numbers yet.

When President Joe Biden took office, he immediately rescinded his predecessor’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. He also moved to stop further construction the border wall.

These decisions (among others) have basically crippled the border, according to many angry border officials and southern state leaders.

The numbers of encounters and arrests have skyrocketed throughout much of the year, which is in stark contrast to the downward trend we saw under former President Donald Trump.

Throughout the crisis, Republican leaders have called on the Biden administration to react — but they’ve seen very little action.

And now the numbers are just exploding. Via The New York Post:

Illegal immigration into the US is hitting a new record, with arrests made by the Border Patrol during the 2021 fiscal year reaching their highest levels since 1986, according to a new report.

The statistics are just staggering.

So far in fiscal 2021, Border Patrol has arrested over 608,000 Mexican nationals, which is higher than the average number of border arrests from 2012 to 2020 (about 540,000).

That shouldn’t be too surprising, as Mexico is closest to the U.S. and remains the largest source of undocumented foreign travelers.

But the migrant surge isn’t only coming from Mexico. In fact, the numbers have erupted from many other countries as well:

The second-biggest source of illegal migrants falls into the “Other” category, which includes Haitians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorans, Cubans, Brazilians and migrants from several other countries. This has hit around 367,000 arrests.

Then there were 309,000 arrests of Hondurans, 279,000 Guatemalans, and 96,000 from El Salvador.

Overall, Border Patrol has nabbed over 1.3 million unregistered foreign travelers along the southern border since January.

And so far in FY 2021, the total arrest number is over 1.7 million, which is the second-highest annual total on record. Clearly, those calling for immediate border reform have some ammunition here.

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In 1986, Border Patrol made 1.69 million arrests for the whole year. And currently, we’re still trending upward from that number.

It seems obvious that this just isn’t sustainable. Border Patrol authorities are already overwhelmed, and we’ve heard several sources say parts of the border are “completely open.”

Right now, it doesn’t look like we’re enforcing immigration or citizenship law at all. And actually, we’re starting to wonder if authorities even can enforce those laws, given the current situation.

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