Biden Slipped A Democrat Goody Into His Bill – It Will Reward Blue States For Bringing In More Foreign Travelers

The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill is one of the most controversial in recent history. It’s currently backed by most all Democrat leaders and 18 Senate Republicans.

It’s a massive multi-trillion-dollar spending package, and many right-wing politicos are worried that it includes far too much “pork,” and not enough for actual infrastructure.

Now, it seems they’ve just found a little Democrat “goody” nobody is talking about.

Included in the legislation are things like the Digital Equity Act, which would expand broadband to communities that don’t have internet access.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Many Republicans say there are additional bonuses for Blue states, and the legislation further prioritizes unregistered residents over U.S. citizens (a common complaint on the right).

And as far as this bill is concerned, it seems they might be correct on both points.

If you live in a state that settles a larger number of foreign travelers, your state could be in line for more federal funding. It was sort of slipped into the aforementioned Digital Equity Act.

Via Breitbart:

Slipped into the legislation are provisions allocating federal funding based on the number of newly arrived immigrants in a state or region — a design that rewards blue states who tend to have the largest foreign-born populations in the nation.

The Department of Commerce will set up a grant program for states to help with the broadband expansion.

But there will be a formula to determine how much each state gets. And 25 percent of the total amount will involve the percentage of “members of covered populations.”

And that’s significant, because as the report says:

Those considered part of the ‘covered populations’ that a state’s grant money would be tied to — depending on how large this group is — newly arrived immigrants to the U.S. who speak little-to-no English.

This group includes “individuals with a language barrier” as well as “individuals who are English learners and have low levels of literacy.”

So, the formula appears to make the situation clear:

States that drive up immigration levels – typically Blue states – will receive more federal funding. For example, California has a foreign-born population of about 24 percent, the highest in the country.

And Breitbart adds that all top 10 counties with the highest foreign-born populations are “deep blue areas.”

On the flip side, red states and counties in places like Montana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Wyoming, and the Dakotas are low on the foreign-born population list.

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As a result, they would receive far less money from the government to help with the Digital Equity Act.

Republicans argue that this is yet another example of the Biden administration kowtowing to Democrats. And another example of putting foreign settlers over U.S. citizens.

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