Biden Tips His Hand on Concerning Action if Roe Is Overturned – Joe Admits He Is Actively Considering “Some Executive Orders”

Biden, a former “moderate” Democrat, has planted his stake on the Roe issue. During the election, he said he would sign a bill that made the old court decision the “law of the land.”

But it’s unlikely this Congress could pass such a law. So, in usual Obama-esque fashion, Biden vowed to abuse his executive authority in an attempt to keep abortion federalized.

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From Daily Caller:

Biden also floated the possibility of issuing executive orders if the court overturns Roe v. Wade and noted that “there’s a whole range of things that are at stake” if the decision stands.

“There’s some executive orders I could employ, we believe. We’re looking at that right now,” Biden said, according to the Independent.

Biden claimed that he would sign executive orders to protect abortion if the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Those would be some incredible EOs, if he thinks they could preserve abortion at the federal level.

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But this is par for the course for an administration that has ignored court orders, rejected the congressional process, and insulted the rights of the American people—all through “executive orders.”

Biden also claimed that voters would stage a “mini-revolution” if the court rejected Roe.

The “president” with the worst approval ratings in history (in a party that is poised to lose big in November), claimed that voters would reject pro-life lawmakers if the court overturned Roe.

Are you really that confident about that, Joe? Keep in mind, that Americans can’t even afford gasoline right now.

Do you think they would keep around progressive, incompetent Democrats, over abortion?

That’s quite the gamble, Joe. And polling has already proven, since the leak, that voters are not focusing on abortion rights this election.

They are demanding action on our failing economy.

But let Joe pretend like anything he says makes sense. He’ll be all the more shocked when his party is knocked out of power.

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