Biden To Launch Taxpayer-Funded “LAB” Program – It Gives Free Legal Aid To People Using ‘Remain In Mexico’

Many political strategists and experts agree: one of the biggest failures of the Biden administration in 2021 was the southern border crisis.

This issue erupted early during the new President’s tenure, almost immediately after Biden rescinded many of his predecessor’s policies. This included the removal of the Remain in Mexico program.

The result was a mass explosion of migrant activity — and now Biden’s team is looking to help border-crossers even more.

Last year, U.S. authorities stopped over 1.7 million foreign travelers who attempted to illegally cross the U.S./Mexico border. That’s the most since President Ronald Reagan’s huge reform bill in 1986.

Under Trump, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported declining encounter and arrest numbers, but those quickly jumped under Biden in 2021.

This has led to a myriad of problems. For example, border control is frequently overwhelmed, and the border itself is riddled with holes due to the incomplete wall project.

Additionally, there’s a huge backlog of legal cases, which continues to grow with every passing day. And when there are so many cases, there’s always a need for more legal resources.

That’s what non-citizens are going to get now, thanks to a new taxpayer-funded program.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration will look to make it easier for immigrants to seek legal services across the southern border with the launch of the Legal Access at the Border (LAB) program.

The LAB program will kick off in 7 border cities, ranging from San Diego to El Paso. These are all cities where the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) were previously enforced under Donald Trump.

The Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) will run the program, and it’s expected to launch within the next two months.

Reportedly, the program provides migrants with free legal assistance, such as contractors giving them options for staying in the U.S. while deportations orders are pending.

This appears to go against the “Remain in Mexico” initiative, which a federal court ordered the Biden administration to bring back last year. The idea is to keep non-citizens in Mexico until their hearings.

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Now, though, this LAB program evidently gives migrants counsel on how to stay in America during proceedings.

This is the sort of thing taxpayers may not appreciate, especially during a time when inflation and the general cost of living is rising rapidly across the nation. And the disturbing border numbers haven’t improved.

Now, the Biden administration makes another move to help those who tried to get into this country illegally.

Instead of barriers and simply enforcing existing laws, Democrat leaders have gone the other way — and the results, according to many DHS reports in 2021, are catastrophic.

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