Biden Turns American Heads In Global Speech – Joe Claims He’s Rebuilding Alliances While Sparking Dispute With France

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a failure here at home. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s a failure all over the world. We’ve seen just how bad his leadership can be when he allowed Afghanistan to fall to the Taliban. But it’s only gotten worse since then.

Unfortunately, this poor excuse for a “president” will be speaking today at the U.N. Already word is getting out on what he will be talking about. Joe claims he wants to build unity with nations around the world. But what does he really mean?

It looks like Joe is all about building an alliance with the Red Menace while burning our oldest ally.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden will use his speech to the United Nations on Tuesday to focus on the importance of working together with China, the White House said…

“It is our firm commitment to stand up for our interests and to stand up for our allies, but to do so in a way that is responsible and that does not drive towards conflict, either intended or unintended,” the official added.

While Joe is bending over backward to make China happy, he’s neglecting our ally France.

Man, even CNN is ripping him for such blatant doublespeak.

It’s pretty rich that Joe is “making every effort” to avoid conflict with China. While at the same time, he’s doing such a terrible job with our real ally, France. Joe so outraged our oldest ally, that France pulled their U.S. ambassador.

Joe doesn’t mind snubbing France on a major security deal with other nations. But his office is urging that he’s not looking to make a “new Cold War” with China. Oh, really? China is a communist nation that oppresses its people and bullies the world. If there is anyone that needs to be put in their place, it’s that country.

Yet Joe wants to play nice with this tyrant of a country. But is treating our real friends like dirt?

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It seems like old China Joe is showing his true, ugly colors again. Many Americans wondered about Biden’s intentions with China when he was Obama’s VP. Biden claimed China was made of up “nice guys” while negotiating with them. Meanwhile, his screwy son Hunter was getting millions in Chinese investments.

Plenty believe Biden is compromised when it comes to China. He does not have the guts—or desire—to hold them accountable. It is unlikely the Biden administration will demand reparations over China’s responsibility for the virus. Nor, does it seem, he is willing to hold them to trade deals that level the playing field.

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